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Accurate Monthly / Annual Reports

Regular, transactional and analytical reports are crucial to keep track of the health of your practice and provide an insight on the performance of important metrics related to revenue cycle.

Our comprehensive reporting helps in:

Diagnosing the health of your practice

Monitoring real-time claim status

Proper financial analysis and comparisons

Tracking payments from insurance

Month End Report

Every month Vision provides you with a Monthly report customized for your practice that
allows you to closely track your practice’s overall health. It also includes key performance indicators like Days in AR of your practice.

We fully understand that you do not have the time to rummage through multiple reports generated by your Practice Management / EMR system which run into hundreds of pages. Therefore, our monthly dashboard report in a very concise manner which provides all the information required to fully understand the state of your practice. It includes information related to

  • Payment and charges – absolute numbers and trends
  • Accounts receivables
  • Procedure code analysis
  • Insurance analysis
  • Physician analysis
  • Facility / Location analysis
  • Denial trends if any

Detailed transactional reports are provided only if you want to go into details of any particular aspect. If required, we develop customized reports to meet your specific requirements.

Monthly reporting is followed up by a monthly meeting with you / your practice manager to review the report, answer questions and resolve mutual issues and concerns.

To Download the Sample Monthly Report:CLICK HERE

Annual Report

This is a consolidated dashboard report showing monthly analysis as well comparison to previous years about all the major activities of the revenue cycle.

To Download the Sample Annual Report:CLICK HERE

To see more examples of reports or to learn more about Vision services please contact us today!