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Insurance Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Insurance Eligibility and Benefits verification is first and one of the most important step of Medical Billing. However, it can be time consuming and distractive for your front office staff. Vision offers efficient and cost effective services and simplifies this process for you.

Get Complete and Accurate Information Before Patient Visit

Vision’s insurance eligibility and benefits verification service does not simply confirm coverage.

Our eligibility and Verification specialists look at your patient schedule in advance, check the eligibility of the patient with the Insurance, analyze the kind of coverage the patient has and determine the co-pay applicable for the upcoming visit. They also check his deductible and how much has been already been applied.

The above information is sent to you or updated in your EHR / Practice Management Software and is readily available to your front office staff when the patient checks in. Having all the above information at this time helps your staff to collect co-pays at the point of service which generates more revenue and reduces administrative costs.

Simplified Eligibility Verification Process

Vision’s eligibility and verification process increases the efficiency of your front office staff and eliminates hours on the phones or multiple websites logins to check patient eligibility. And more importantly, reduces the number of claim delays and denials by filing clean claims in the first instance.