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HIPAA Compliant

Paperless Office

Physical Security as
well as Multi-Tiered
Data Security

Antivirus Anti
Malware Protection
on all systems

Security, for Vision, is foundational to its operations as it deals with sensitive business segments such as Healthcare.

We proactively address our clients concerns related to HIPAA and compliance.

Vision has implemented multi-tiered security measures that comply with all international regulatory requirements to give each client peace of mind. Vision is covered by the HITECH Act and complies with HIPAA requirements. With Vision your data is safe, secure and in accordance with mandatory guidelines concerning security and privacy.

Security measures are implemented by the use of technologically advanced infrastructure to take care of:

  • Physical Security
  • Multi-Tiered Data security

This is further supported by:

  • Regular training of all employees on HIPAA and security requirements
  • Stringent Security Policies
  • Sanctions and disciplinary actions on breach of policy

Download White-Paper on Security Infrastructure and Policies at VISION