We enable you to increase your revenue by up to 20%., reduce cost by up to 50% and help you get free from handling non-core competence operation.
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Billing Solutions for the Middle East

Revenue Cycle Management

Vision has been helping Medical Facilities in the USA to increase Collections by 12 % to 20%, at reduced costs and shorter turnaround time. We manage our client’s back office and billing operations in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Now Vision brings the same world class service to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. RCM is still evolving in the middle east and many healthcare providers are at a loss on how to handle and deal with new regulations, laws, systems, processes and financial dynamics. Vision with its extensive experience in managing Revenue Cycle for its clients in the US, seamlessly takes this burden off your shoulders. We provide

  • Complete Revenue Cycle Management
  • ICD and CPT Coding
  • Pre-Certification Management
  • Accounts Receivable / Collections Management to Hospitals, Group Practices as well as Individual practitioners.

Our Clients testify to our ability to deliver

  • Clean filing
  • Active follow up
  • Recovery of unpaid claims
  • Meaningful information reports
  • A management dashboard of parameters for effective monitoring and control
  • No change in your processes
  • Interface with your billing systems to file claims or work with our own software

When you partner with us you get the advantage of

  • Quality, Personalized services
  • Vision’s agility to respond to myriad requirements
  • Our in-house IT & Software Capabilities

Vision’s knowledge and intelligence based service can transform your operations. Our Revenue Cycle Management service takes over the entire responsibility of backend operations leaving you free to focus on your core activities.

Vision’s Revenue Cycle Management service module is implemented after a free analysis of your data and includes one month free trial. Our comprehensive and reliable services include: