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Denial Management Service

You will be surprised to know that as much as 45% of claims which are denied by Insurance companies are appealed against. This obviously can lead to direct loss of Thousands of dollars a year in a providers’ offices where denials are not handled and worked upon promptly. Most Insurance companies are aware of this fact and therefore they expect that only a few of the claims denied by them will be follow up by the Provider’s office and resubmit a corrected version. This saves them a lot of money. Only a small no of these denials are actually correct and do not require an action.

Unfortunately, a large no. is not handled because the in-house billing staff at the provider’s office is already overburdened with so many other activities that there is no time or inclination left to work on denials. On top of it, if they ever get down to work on the denials, they realize that they have already crossed the time limit for filing appeals or have no idea how to handle the denial. This is where medical claims denial management services come into the scene.

Prompt Claim Denial Management Services from Vision

Vision denial management team consists of qualified members who have experience of working in varied Billing / Practice Management Systems. They are adept at reading and quickly understanding a denial EOB /ERA, analyze account history and take appropriate corrective action to ensure payment against a denied claim.

Our team offers comprehensive claim denial solutions in New York and not only works on your denied claims but also analyses trends and patterns of denials and identifies the root cause / Billing deficiencies which caused the denial in the first place. They then work with the rest of the billing team/front office to remove these deficiencies so that denials are reduced and cash flow is improved.