We enable you to increase your revenue by up to 20%., reduce cost by up to 50% and help you get free from handling non-core competence operation.
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Driven By Knowledge

As our name suggest, Vision is a knowledge based company. Revenue Cycle Management is a very knowledge intensive process. If the workforce handling your RCM process does not understand the intricacies of the subject and is not up to date with multiple payer guidelines, it can lead to huge losses in your revenue.

In Vision, we employ qualified Billing professionals and certified coders to deliver quality services. The manpower is fully trained in US Healthcare regulations and HIPPAA laws. We employ professionals having in-depth knowledge of the concerned specialty. Over and above that, we lay a lot of emphasis on knowledge development of our team.

An independent Research and Knowledge Development team is employed to keep abreast of:

  • Changes in the healthcare space
  • Knowledge related and various Payers and their ever-changing Regulations

The team then runs continuous training programs to improve employee skills and keep them abreast of the latest industry trends.

Vision has In-house IT and software capabilities. This helps us to leverage latest developments in Information Technology to our clients and our advantage. We have developed proprietary software for work-flow management and other tools which bring in accuracy and efficiencies in productivity.