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Secondary & Tertiary Billing

Medical Billing process with its unique nuances is complicated and forever following up with insurance companies for reimbursement is a painful process. Adding secondary and tertiary claims billing into the process is like adding fuel to fire.

However, a lot of your patients may have secondary or even tertiary coverage. When their claims are filed and the primary insurance does not pay you the full amount, you need to bill the patient’s secondary insurance and if required the tertiary insurance also.

Most in-house billers do not bill secondary and tertiary insurance for various reasons like:

  • It is confusing whom to bill
  • How to bill
  • Assumption that Primary has crossed over the claim to Secondary and there is no need for us to do anything
  • The amounts are too small for the headache involved

However, if these secondary and tertiary claims are not billed properly, over a period of time, amount in these claims can become substantial and can mean loss of revenue worth thousands of dollars.

It is therefore crucial to file and track the secondary / tertiary claims and get paid fully for your hard work.

Vision, as part of its complete Revenue Cycle Management services provides secondary and tertiary billing services along with the Primary. We leave no stone unturned to make sure you get fully reimbursed for your labor and services. Our experts carefully analyze the EOB / ERA from the Primary and bill the secondary, when needed. They do not assume that the claim has been crossed-over to the Secondary unless they see the name of the crossover payer on the EOB/ERA. They also check that the crossover has been forwarded to the correct secondary payer.