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Annual Family Day

This is a spectacular way to familiarize the families of the team with the working of our organization and a way to introduce them to other team members. All team members look forward to this day when they are away from their daily routine and food, games and fun takes over the pressure of work. At Vision, we have many get-togethers, parties as well as festival celebrations throughout the year, but the “Annual Family Day” stands tall among all. This is a day which is cherished by each employee and it always leaves wonderful memories for everyone. A day full of activities and loads of adventure games for everyone. Office hierarchy is left behind, and everyone is at ease with his senior / junior being at the same level, playing, eating and enjoying together. Better halves and children participate fully and enjoy themselves.

Family members mingle well with the team, playing Musical Chairs, Dumb Charades, Antaksahari or participating in Tug of War. Various Team Building activities are taken up as well.Keeping up this tradition, 2018 “Vision Family Day” was organized on 21st Jan 2018. A mini-bus ferried everybody to Golden Turtle Farms, Manesar. It was a bright sunny day of Delhi winters and we had 100% attendance. Team had great fun playing Cricket and even jumping into the pool with full clothes on. We were delighted to discover some hidden talents as well. Never knew we had a couple of excellent singers and “Sachin Tendulkars” in the team. Was fun to watch the team members enacting Hindi movie names in the Dumb Charades. Kids enjoyed themselves jumping on the trampoline enclosure and had fun watching the Ducks and Rabbits. Day ended with prizes for winners of all the games and return gifts for all.